Ah, I have been so tired aaaaall week long, because of unpacking, putting up posters and stuff, and walking to and from work. But it’s a nice sort of tired. I do look forward to sleeping in this weekend, though. I should have pictures then too… probably Sunday.

Catcat seems to have pretty much adapted by now; yesterday she was playing wis everything and attacking many items. She was aloof at Faith, who came over to eat spaghetti-o’s, but that’s almost normal.

Since I took the “vacant” item out of my mailbox, I’ve been getting mails for some other peoples. As they are both guy’s names, I am having pleasant daydreams about a gay couple living here before me ^__^ And throwing the mails away, as they appear to be all junk.

The whistling Enzyte commercial is going to make me homicidal.