I have been lazy and am still not entirely finished putting things up and away… but I promised peectures today, so peectures I took.

You can see that, to a large extent, having things out of boxes means having them stacked on the table. Sometimes in smaller boxes. Yeth. My sword is not up yet because for some reason I cannot fathom, half the screws I use to mount it are just gone.

Showing the main room four-corners style. Tokio between those boxes was so damn cute that I called a time out at this point to take about a million peectures of her there closer-up. I’ma cover those closet doors wis fanart. The only problem wis this is that I have no printer. I have a few that will go up soon (actually, probably right after I finish this post), but several more that I want will have to wait.

I have no trash can yet, so always there is a trash bag in front of the oven. When it gets full I put it in the trash chute and put juice in after it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, not really.

My figure table there is in chaos still, as I need an item before I can set it up properly. I have to get to Wal-Mart for that. The fridge originally said, “This is my new apartment.” Then Raychel came over and added, “and Raychel is hot.” Then M came over and changed it a lot and now it says, “hs s my new prtme d / ryc is delysh / Mmammal has a long tail, long tail, long tail -teh Amy.” (sans punctuation, except the dash, which is a sideways “I”) That laundry basket is broken and going to be thrown away, but catcat keeps playing in it so I haven’t trashed it yet.

Shelves are the first thing on my list, even before towels and dishes, of things to get when I have teh money. Aaah, that empty wall at the end is sad and empty. My brother came over the other day (to go swimming!) and said, “I see your plot to eradicate all white space in your apartment is progressing well.” Incidentally he also said, “So, is Utena about the Sailor Senshi when they grow up and turn lesbian?”

I hang my keys from the ceiling. The hook looked so lonely and unhappy all unused like that.

Bathroom doesn’t look much different, but you can at least see my Cutest Shower Curtain Ever. Nothing of the bedroom at present, as it’s not finished yet.