I have gone for a long time wisout making an lj post, and I suppose I ought to make one.

So this week I have been nicely productive, mostly on original stuff, at worky. Also I finished a peecture that nobody liked. And today a GEF page, of course. Good jobon me.

My cat is like a small dragon. She is made of love.

I have a stupid coworker named Tina Marie. She is very stupid. I sit near her a lot, and hear the things she says. One day she was on a call and she put the caller on hold to ask a supervisor whether or not you can tell on the website call detail record if a call is outgoing or incoming. She asks this same question every day. So the supervisor said, “No, the website CDR doesn’t differentiate.” And Tina Marie gets back on the phone and tells the customer, “The website has no differential.” Also once she was having a customer choose the backup question to their passcode, and she was saying, “Then there’s ‘Who is the best concert band?’ Yeah, a band… you know, like KISS or the Beatles.” Everything she ever says pains and amuses me, and sometimes I think it would be less of a headache to sit elsewhere.

I had lots of things to say, as I usually do when I neglect my journal, and, also as usual, have forgotten most of them. Yesterday I went to Fiddychan’s house and “helped” her wis her packing. Today I have eaten hot dogs and soup, and I am listening to The 10th Kingdom. I will work on my bedroom presently. Eventually I do need to take peectures of it, after all, and I’m tired of not having it done. I forgot to get light bulbs yesterday, though. Mou.

OK, I’m tired of this entry. No mas.