Methinks I might be getting sick. The other day I had crazymad allergenicstyle symptoms, and I figured it was, in fact, teh allergenics… but since then I’ve been tireder and duller than usual. Right now I just don’t feel like working on anything. Mayhap I will go to bed early. Yeah, right. I say that but it never happens. Plus today it must needs depend on when/if dude comes to look at my air conditioner and when/if Lexie comes to see me. I have a headache.

So, yeah, last week at some point the power randomly went off whilst I was going to sleep. That was an unfortunate item. For one thing, without the air conditioner it quickly got really hot in here. For another, I listen to books on tape as I go to sleep for a reason… otherwise my mind wanders and I get good ideas and get all excited and it takes me even longer to get to sleep. Good ideas are great, yeah, but that’s what showers are for. Anyway, since the power-out, the air conditioner has been acting up. Today (of course, since today I actually told them that it’s doing bad things) it seems to be behaving mas better.

Lexie is taking the test at work today. If she gets hired and works a certain number of hours, I get $50 or maybe $100. Either will be useful. She will also be working a shift to great extent wis me, so I will seee her again. SPEAKING OF WORK. Today was back-to-back calls all day. Like Christmas! Only in this context that’s not a good thing. Still, the day kinda goes by faster like that… and I was too dull to write anyway.

I keep neglecting to mention Tasha. She is a person at work. The first time I saw her I did a double-take because she looks so coooooool. Then we started texting each other, and she came over to hang out the other day. Mayhap something will happen, though I kinda doubt it.

I am slowly finding out more about the guys who lived here before me, and the story in my head about them is growing…

Kevin is a math teacher. He is quiet, soft-hearted, and somewhat geeksome. Balding early. He’s in his first teaching job and a little nervous about it. He lost his parents to a car accident during college, and he’s living in this apartment while he tries to sell their house.

My headache keeps getting worse. Methinks it’s definitely a good day to go to bed early. I eated tuna fish samiches for my first lunch and then eggies wis cheeses for my second lunch, and so I am not too hungry. Honestly I’d go to bed now if I weren’t waiting on people… Lexie texted me two hours ago saying she’d tell me when she was done wis the test. The test does take a while, but… And I wonders when the dude will come and look at my air conditioner.

I’m getting less coherent. The really sad thing is that if I went to bed now, I would probably sleep until it was time to get up for work tomorrow, and it would be a long, cleansing sneep of healing and joy. But if I don’t go to bed until my normal bedtime, I’m sure to have waked up mas and be not as tired and, as usual, take two hours to fall asleep. I have gladiatorial insomnia; that’s two hours after taking a sleeping pill.

I should stop.