So lately, at about 2230 every night, Tokio has become a right attention whore. She attacks my jewelry, rubs against me, sticks her tickly whiskers in my face, sometimes flops down right against me and purrs a million, and eventually attacks my cell phone. My jewelries and my cell phone are in the head of my bed, which is wooden and shelfy, so her attacking those is vera noisy right next to my head. And she knows I will pay attention to her once she starts on the phone, as that’s my alarm clock and I kinda have to keep it near my ears. Anyway, this behavior is so excessively cute that it hasn’t annoyed me yet… but it also puzzles me. Of course she always gets lovey and rubby when her food bowl is empty, but it hasn’t been and she’s been doing this every night anyway. So I dunno. Yesterday I went to bed an hour and a half early, and she started at about 2000. She was at it so long, I had to search all creation for my scattered jewelries.