The other day I took a call from a guy named Robert Martin.

Yesterday after work I went to do some shoppings for some important items. I met my mother at McDonald’s, and she bought me lunch ^__^ M joined us there, and then she and I went to Safeway together to get the important items. Then we went back to that house and watched X for a few hours. It was highly amusing… first, because crappy DVD player + bootleg DVD’s = lots of freezing up, which resulted in characters staring at each other for thirty seconds between lines, making them all seem either very dramatic or very retarded. Second, we kept adding dialogue about the inevitable fate of Clamp hotties. Then they bringed me home. Unfortunately, we’d forgotten that my groceries were still in the trunk of my mom’s car, and P had taken said car to her worky. So I remain groceryless.

I had a dream that was Rurouni Kenshin + Harry Potter + zombs + me being a godlike author and Lara Croft. It was kinda… weird. Then Tokio woke me up by attacking my cell phone. Now I am working on MnI, and it’s not being too bitchy. Later, once I have my important groceries, I will straighten up my apartment and eat some items and stuff. I have to work at freaking midnight next week. Mou.

It occurred to me recently that if you call him “Théoden Rex,” it adds a whole new dimension to the term “sister-daughter.”

Methinks that’s all for now.