Hallo. It is Monday and I love Mondays. I am at work, of course, and I have been here almost three hours already! That’s pretty cool, even if shifty schedule does wreak havoc on my already-shaky sleeps. And Tokio doesn’t help. I am drinking this “lime flavored cola” that doesn’t taste very limey or very good. It is making me hungry. I got up late (because of changey schedule) and therefore didn’t eat anything before work. I forgot to buy ziplock bags am weekendie, so I did not bring anything to work either. THEREFORE I AM HUNGRY. When I get home I shall eat some item such as peanut butter and jelly samiches. YETH. That is a good idea. For now I will struggle to finish this “””lime””” soda.

MnI has become more compliant, and the chapter should be finished soon. That is a source of joy and… joy. Chou Chou Chou. Good jobon him. BITEM.

I dunno where this mood came from. NOW MnI TIME YA.