I win. There was an awesome lightning storm over Pike’s Peak as I was walking to work. It was almost uncomfortably warm out, though. I am tired today. Tokio woke me up about a million times yesterday, and I started throwing her off the bed every time she stuck her whiskers in my face. It made me terribly sad to do this, but she seemed to get the message eventually… also she wasn’t mad at me when I got up. Besides her, I was also kept up late by an overly long shower and the crampies that kept me in the shower that long. Also I got about twenty text messages and one phone call after I’d gone to bed. For this I blame the silly midnight-eight shift.

I have fourteen pages that I’ve written at work that need to be typed up, but over the last couple of days webcomics have devoured me instead. One of these years there will be a new MnI chapter. Really. I’ve been working more on original stuff, but that chapter’s almost!