So for, like, a year now, I’ve been getting hits to my site off some Chinese person’s blog, and I was going mad wis curiosity about who this person was and why she’d linked me. She’s switched blogs a couple of times during that period, and I’ve followed her as I’ve kept getting hits. On this latest blog, she has a guestbook, so I signed it, hoping to learn something about her… thinking that if she’s enough a fan of my site to link it from every blog she sets up, she must be able to read some English (as I’m sure she’s not linking it for the art XD)… and she replied to my guestbook entry!! This is exciting to me! See here —

Subject: Hallloooo
Name: kuroiyousei (2006-08-08 22:34:32) email URL
Message: I am so so curious about you!!! But I do not understand your language. Too bad.

Reply: It’s too amazing!
I wonder how could you get here?
…I really really got a shock…already woke up. Actually I was sleepy.
I like Rurouni Kenshin very much, but in my country there are few fan fiction…about Saitou and Sano…///
It’s too bad that you do not understand Chinese…I think it’s doesn’t so matter.
I can read English a little, but write is more difficult to me, ha ha…
I’m used to read Rurouni Kenshin ficton in your site, now I am very glad to meet you~ ^o^

So is that not teh squee??? So much cuteness, and now I can stop being horribly curious about whether she’s linking me just to mock me or something XD I thought being linked from flocked entries was bad… being linked from a blog I can’t read, beginning to end, is so much more maddening!!!!! But now I am pleased ^__^