I had the best day yesterday. When I got up, I went wis Fiddychan to see the clubbish place teh Pierrling is working at now; we played several half-games of pool for $0.75, and I got tipsy. Then we went to Village Inn and I ate maybe the most delicious bacon cheeseburger I’ve ever ever had. It was so good. I am thinking about it still. We talked lots of role play and had many breakthroughish ideas.

After that, at home, I finished working on some stuff while listening to Sense and Sensibility (I’m rewatching/listening to all my DVD’s in alphabetical order; I’ve already gotten through The 10th Kingdom, 12 Angry Men, and Emma {the A&E version; I don’t like the Gwyneth version much, so I don’t have it}). Then I cleaned my apartment whilst listening to the BSSM R movie (The Return Of Mamoru’s Boyfriend Who Is Cooler Than Heero, Not As Cool As Schuldig, And Either Way A Better Lover Than Usagi). Then I started working on MnI chapter 7, which I’m hoping to get finished today. And then it turned into 900 on teh clock.

See, there was a note left in the entryway of the building from UPS; I had passed it once because I didn’t think it was for me… it does say my apartment number on it, but I didn’t notice that at first because it says something else on it too that’s largely unintelligible. “Sander Woodlark” or “Sauder Sloodurk” or something. This is in both the “We attempted to:” and the “Pckg(s) from:” boxes. I was expecting a package from Amazon, not Saider Wooduck, and I was not expecting any package that needed to be Sauder Cloodacked, so I think it was understandable that this kinda threw me off. But eventually I’d determined from the 203 that the mysterious slip probably referred to me. So at 900 when it was 900 — I mean, when the office was open — I went down to get what I assumed would be the book I ordered from Amazon, like, a week and a half ago.

She looked into the closet where the little packages were, and said, “No, I don’t see anything for 203…” I had admitted uncertainty as to whether the slip was actually directed at me, and she added, “It must have been for someone else. Unless you’re expecting something big.” And she gestured at the big packages that don’t fit in the closet. I glanced at them, saying, “Well, I am, but not until probably late next week…” and realized that one of the big packages was mine. “Holy crap!” said I. “I only ordered this three days ago!!” And proceeded to spazz.

IT WAS MY BOOKSHELF. I found a nice black bookshelf on Wal-Mart.com the other day and purchased it, and seriously wasn’t expecting it until, like, next Friday or something. I was so desperately excited. The lady (she has the most interestingly cute big nose) let me use this dolly they had to take the package back to my apartment. I had to drag the thing up two sets of stairs just to get it to my building. I was so sweaty. So I returned the dolly and came back and wrestled wis the impenetrable packaging (I literally had to tear the box apart to get the parts out. Then, to the sound of The Care Bears Movie II (Subtitle: It’s Disturbing To Slash Bears And Horses), I started trying to put the thing together.

O M F G. I have never encountered something that fucking difficult to assemble. I got so frustrated at one point I screamed out loud. Methinks if I’d had a second person to help me, it would have been easier… as it was, I feared I would never be able to do it. The parts are partical board wis nice black finish, and I’d racked off the edges in, like, three places by the time I was done. It was absolutely maddening. But I did get it put together. I moved the Shishio/Yumi/Kenshin scroll into the bathroom and Yae to next to the air conditioner so the shelf could be in the corner of the hall by the bathroom door, and started putting books in ^__^ I got halfway through the alphabet (and the rest are strewn all over the hallway floor and it is like a maze), so I will need two more of these shelves. I do not much look forward to putting them together, but such is life. P.S. I eventually noticed that the shelf is manufactured by Sauder. This leaves the Eloodiiik yet unexplained, however.

By the time I was finished assembling the shelf, Care Bears was over (yeth, it took me that long), so I started Cats. But halfway through, M came over and we decided to go to Taco Bell. Since Taco Bell is vera close to where I live, we were going to walk. We set off around the buildings and across the parking lot, but then on the way we somehow got on the topic of Red Robin and were suddenly like O_o Taco Bell doesn’t sound so good now… So we made a full circle through the rest of the parking lot around the other buildings and back in to grab her keys and then drove to Red Robin. Yay Red Robin! It is best. I getted a turquoise balloon which seems to have escaped, as I don’t see it in here anywhere now.

Then we went swimming in my lovely pool and had excellent conversations about people and things I hate (I WILL DESTROY) and Secret Bodybuilders. There were some childs who kept screaming at the top of their lungs and it was funny. We were swimming for, like, two hours!!! Then M went home and I went to bed!

So that was my awesome day yesterday ^__^ It was awesome. Now I am listening to and occasionally watching the rest of Cats whilst I make this long entry. I have much to do today. Here is the list:

o Laundry, and really don’t forget towels and swimwear this time
o Re-stack remaining books next to the wall so I can walk through the hall wisout having to dance (though I probably will dance anyway because THERE IS A BOOKSHELF)
o Take peectures of bookshelf!!!!!!!!!!!!
o Clean up bookshelf mess (remains of the castley packaging)
o Clean up all the stuff I left lying around yesterday because I thought I might as well because there was bookshelf packaging and books all over the freaking place anyway
o Play wis Tokio
o Finish MnI chapter 7
o Eat bacons

Yes, that is a good list. I love life. I shall get working on these items right away. I already watched Clue the other day, so the next DVD is Clerks: Uncensored. That’s the cartoon. I don’t have the movie. Someday I will. OK, no mas entry.