For dinner I eated the best toasted bacon cheese samiches ever made ever. Ever. I slow-cooked the bacon; it took, like, an hour and a half. They were so good I wanted to cry. And I made samiches for my lunch tomorrow, now that I have ziplock bags. So I shall eat at work!!! *dances* Oh, life. So delicious.

BTW, Kevin’s boyfriend’s name is Rahul. Rahul is easy-going and kinda goofy. Also scatterbrained. He was supposedly just staying wis Kevin until he got things together and found another apartment of his own (and possibly a better-paying job)… but then there was a mad explosion of teh lovings, and all thought of Rahul not living there flied away.

There were other things I wanted to say, but I’m already going to be to bed late because I forgot I need to put away all my laundry. So I go. Oh! Yeah. MnI 7 tomorrow for sure.