I am just explosively tired today. I woke up every two minutes yesterday, I swear. Tokio was only responsible for a couple of those; the rest were just typical insomniatic bursts. Meh. I am in a good mood, but soOoOoOo tired. Laaaaaaaa. It is a struggle not to sound like the living dead (a.k.a. ZOMB) on calls, and to retain any coherence. Breakie soon! Yay me!

Also yay is the fact that I have foods today. I bringed two peanut butter and jelly samiches, and they will be so delicious. I must resist the temptation to eat them on my first break. OK, it is now my first break and I ate one of them.

My journal has got to be the stupidest. It’s like, Oh, I’m tired. I love food! I’m tired. I’m writing a chapter of something. Ah, insomnia. I love my cat. OMG, I’m so tired and hungry! Saitou and Sano, yay! What shall I eat today? I’m tired. I love Tokio ^__^ I didn’t sleep very well yesterday. No mas.