Thought I’d mention it, anyway, since I’ve work boots rather than sandals the last few days. It’s getting colder during the nighttimes.

Today at work was almost pretty awesome. When I came in, the entire system was being updated and we got to sit around doing absolutely nothing and getting paid for it for almost two hours. When it came back up, it was only the backup system still so we did practically nothing for the rest of the day. Though the last few hours were back-to-back calls of practically nothing. Anyway, during the total downtime the other team got to have a boring meeting and talk about call stuff, and my team got to Dew Nothing.

I was overhearing this conversation among some of my coworkers… actually it was mostly just this one guy talking about himself. I don’t remember large parts of it because it hurt my brain, but eventually he got to talking about how the commander of all the Navy — y’know, the guy who reports to the president and stuff — respected him so much that he told him not to call him “sir,” but called my coworker “sir” instead. Then he went on to tell about how strong and awesome he is in karate. He said (and I quote because I wrote it down right after he said it), “I go into a rage and my strength kinda does a tenfold, and I can punch right through a wall.” He then explained what drywall was as if nobody had ever heard of it and that, no, drywall was not what he was referring to. He meant a brick wall. “But I purposefully miss people most of the time,” he added reassuringly, “because, you know, imagine something with the force of smashing through bricks going into your head.” His sensei, he told them, had been worried about him… told him that if he completed his black belt he would be registered as a lethal weapon. So he didn’t complete his black belt because he just didn’t want to go through his life like that. I honestly wish I’d written down more of what he was saying, but, as I was in a mood for realism, I mostly ignored him and read Harry Potter.

Walking home at 8, the sun is right in my eyes the whole way. But next week I am back at 2-10!!!! Yay me!!!!! OK, in perfect honesty, I like the 0-8 shift better. It moves quicker and the calls are more sparse than 2-10. Plus I often have friends still awake to say hi to when I get up. But going to bed at 13 (15 on weekends) sucks. So does having the sun in my face all the way home.

YWRI progresseth. I was going to say more about it, but I’m tired of this entry.