My grouchiness about ff.n is already ebbing, thanks largely to a review I got this morning:

The following review has been submitted to: RKAIM Chapter: 1

From: you’re just too stupid for me ()

You SUCK! BIG time! Go and suck yourself first before submitting this piece of shit to the world! For god’s sakes! I feel guilty for even submitting a review! Your sucking story or whatever you wanna call it doesn’t even deserves one! What a sucker!

I literally haven’t gotten a single flame since I was last on ff.n…. flamers are even lazier than regular readers, of course….. but now, only a day and a half into this my second ff.n spasm, I am already inspiring so much passion in people that they are reviewing against their better judgement! And encouraging me to masturbate before posting stuff. Ngyee.