Yesterday M wented away. She is going to teh college in a far away land. It made me cry. It didn’t help that prior to that I’d watched the last three discs of Cowboy Bebop and had already been crying. But M will always update her lj and email me and stuff, so I will not die.

Then Sheryl came to see me and she gived me plates!!! OMG plates! They are so pretty and black. And they are deep plates like almost-bowls!!! She wanted to know which RK guy I would marry if I had the choice.

Then Fiddychan and I went to Red Robin and the mall. At the latter place, I bought too much manga, as usual.

Today I have drawn my GEF page and played a lot wis Tokio. I need to clean up my apaato, as it is Sunday. I will go swimming later; who wants to go swimming wis me?

I decided recently that it is a terrible shame not to have all the series I love represented on my misc. art page… so after I finish the item I’m working on, my next drawing project is to do a fanart for every series I love but have neglected. In alphabetical order. Whether this will inclue non-anime/manga series, I have not quite decided yet.

Now I am finished wis this entry.