Tina Marie is hurting my brain more than usual today. Our system has been upgraded and now it’s worse than before, and she’s having massive problems getting used to having to scroll down. I may eventually snap and start making fun of her out loud, and that will be unfortunate.

I am trying to finish this one story by Saturday… I started it last December wis the intention of finishing it by Mithtow Thtwaidow’s birthday to make it a present for her. Well, now it is August and it is a little closer to finished. I thought it would be ironic to finish it by Saturday. We’ll see.

I do not feel very good today. I drinked some cold medicine, but so far I can’t tell that it’s done anything besides making me somewhat groggy. My stomach doesn’t want me to finish this samich, so I think I will go back in and listen to Tina Marie some more.