Now it’s Wednesday. I like Wednesdays. I had a terrible sleep yesterday, but I drank a Dr. Pepper when I got here and thus survived. Now I am eating my lunch of delicious cold Ramen.

We have been watching Gundam Wing for the last couple of hours. There are a lot of Gundam fans on the overnight shift, it turns out. I wandered near enough to one of the TV’s on my first break to hear the dialogue, and, holy shit, that’s a painful dub… whose bright idea was it to make these school-age characters sound like they’re fucking fifty? Anyway, now I’m contemplating what manner of fanart I shall do for GW when I get to “G” in my fanart project of doom.

And speaking of fanworks (as I usually am), I may actually have this fic finished by my birthday. The irony of this continues to amuse me.

OK done.