Ah, insomnia for a third day in a row. Not as bad as the previous two days, and I was at least on time to work today. I passed two big bucks really close by and they were awesome.

So there’s this building that I pass every night on the way to work, and it has this orange light outside it. Possibly because of this color, the very first time I saw it I randomly imagined Schuldig sitting out in front of it. He was coordinating whatever was going on in two different buildings, and was getting bored and annoyed when I, a hot Mary-Sue, walked by. So just before the bucks, I noticed tonight that there was a light on inside the building. I consider this proof that Schuldig wants my Mary-Sue ass.

I have a weird crick in my neck. A pleasant result of my already-beloved recurring insomnia.

I can’t say for sure if this story will actually be finished tomorrow. We shall see.