I had soOoOo many emails when I got up yesterday ^_____^ Sanks for everybody’s wishes. I went to my parents’ house and we watched The 10th Kingdom all through. P didn’t like it, which wasn’t surprising. And I got sooo many delightful items: towels, bowls, cups, more plates (which I didn’t need ^__^;;;), a leetle rug for my bathroom, and some utensils that will make cooking about a million easier. It was love. My parents also gave me their old giant microwave and the horrible cart thing it sits on, which had more to do wis the fact that they just bought a new microwave than the fact that it was my birthday.

My apartment is a monumental mess. I didn’t feel like cleaning it yesterday. Today I have to wait until GEFness is finished to do so, but it will be fun because I have things to place in it that were not there before. Also I am supahappy about this GEF page. Now I will resume work.