K, I was wakened in fear last night by a kinda cool dream. My family and some other people (one of which was Lexie, the rest of which were typical dream-extras) were staying in this house… I think we’d taken refuge there because it was the only place we could go to escape the wolves that were coming after us. There was some kind of magic and hatred involved… I think someone had sent the wolves after us… but if we managed to get through the night, apparently we would be safe the next morning. None of us were really afraid that the wolves were going to get in, but we didn’t think we were going to be able to get much sleep. It was a big, fancy house with an overabundance of windows, and we knew that if the wolves discovered we were in there, they’d be all about all night, and it would be unnerving to watch.

So we were all deciding where to sleep. My dad didn’t want us sleeping in the bedrooms, as this was the home of some family we didn’t know and that seemed… rude… but there were plenty of sofas. I was trying to find a place that didn’t have many windows, and was even considering the kitchen, though there were, of course, no sofas in there. M, being boldy indifferent to the wolves, decided to sleep in this one downstairs room that had an entire wall full of windows. These windows, dream-style, were weird. They were vertical panels of glass held in place at top and bottom by those little plastic things used to hold bathroom mirrors to walls, and there was about half an inch of open space between each one. Lexie had decided to sleep in the next room.

My dad and I and a few other people were down there as M made herself up a bed on the couch in that room, and we were all looking out the windows. There were some cute fluffy sheep out there, dozing. Then the wolves came over the hill and started moving in our direction. My dad didn’t notice them at first and was even in the midst of saying something cheerful about how at least they hadn’t found us yet when I pointed them out. I was pretty brave too, I guess, because as the wolves came bounding up, tore the sheep to pieces, and started attacking the windows, I just stood there watching. Well, and growling at them. Which made sense in the dream. And then suddenly one of the glass panels started to shift at the bottom so a triangular space was growing. It was very obvious that the moment the wolves saw it, they would try to force their way through, the windows would shift more, and they would be inside.

We all headed upstairs quickly; M was totally not panicked or even very worried. I think we were leaving Lexie behind, as she was in the next room and wouldn’t know, but I’m not sure because I woke up just then rather scared.

The other day I dreamed that I was in the bath. I dream that a lot, actually. My mom wanted me to go to church wis her (I still lived at my parents’ house in this one), and for some reason I was under the impression that they wanted me to speak in sacrament meeting. I hadn’t decided yet whether I was even going to go, but at least I kindly vacated the bath so my brother could use it. So then I was lying around naked writing a Saitou/Sano-Harry-Potter-crossover fic, and whenever my mom came in I pretended to be working on the talk I thought they wanted me to give… eventually she clarified, though: they didn’t want me to give a talk in sacrament meeting, but a lesson in release-time seminary that week, which she was again teaching. She got all sad because she knew I didn’t want to go to chuch and P wasn’t going also… so to make her feel better I said I might go to church with her, but the seminary lesson was another story. That was kinda retarded.

Other dreams I’ve had recently but neglected to write down have concerned hiding out inside a large tree wis Fiddychan from rich foreign strangers who were poisoning the government’s mind against us Malfoy-style, something where my mother and I were lovers (we were different, though, so it wasn’t actually us as we exist in real life), and some other stuff I don’t remember because I suck and don’t record them when I have them.