Hallo. It is Monday. I love Mondays. Some items ocurred on some previous days and I will say about them.

On Saturday I met and it was supa cool. Also I saw teh Fiddychan yay! I getted a funny toy for Tokio and she likes it OK, but more than that she likes the 89-cent catnip mouse. It doesn’t smell like catnip to me at all, but I guess to her it does… either that or she just really enjoys chasing it for its own sake. Whilst I was lying in bed pretending I was going to fall asleep any time, she went Destruction James upon it for, like, an hour all over the place. Yesterday she chased it into her food bowl and scattered foods across the kitchen.

Speaking of yesterday, I was TEH BLAH yesterday all day long. I got absolutely nothing productive done anywhere, barely talked to anyone, and didn’t even feel like making foods. I ate a couple of plain croissants, which were delicious, and nothing more. Today when I got home from work I felt faint wis hunger. Right now I am in the process of eating a million items. Well, three hot dogs that are a million items tall, anyway, and some chypes and some chocolate milk. Which latter combines oddly wis the ranch chypes and the hot dogs, but whatever.

I got lots written at work today. I’m still a little floaty, but not so blah as yesterday. Therefore I will type it out and see what else I can get done on that story. I’d be ecstatic to finish it one of these days…..