I’m almost certain this story will be finished tomorrow. Of course Mithtow Thtwaidow gets to read it first, beeecause it is a (n extremely late) purezento for her, but then I will post it and it will be mysticism!!! This is exciting on me, because I have wanted to finish it for a while.

No mas headache. That means I win. Also, today Tokio specifically requested that I scratch her tummy. That was pretty awesome. And I eated hot dogs for dinners. Yay. I am listening to a funny mix of music. Oh, weren’t there, like, some music memes I wanted to do? *searches back through flist*

Open your playlist and pick songs that start with each letter of your username, but the songs have to mean something to you. Don’t just pick a song because it starts with a letter in your username. Post the list to your journal; if you want, you can explain why the songs are important to you, but it’s not required.

Feelin’ Love by Paula Cole – This song brings back terribly amusing memories of high school and my boyfriend of the time.
Ai Dake ga Dekiru koto by Takase Mariko – I have so much love for those girls I want to die; they were one the first couples I ever totally, madly adored… possibly the first.
Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson – More nostalgia. This was the first non-soundtrack (i.e. album) CD I ever bought. I was eleven.
Rain by Mai Yamane or Steve Conte – Mithtow Thtwaidow and I have laughed uncontrollably more than once at the repetitiveness of this song. In a we-love-it-to-pieces sort of way.
You’ll Be In My Heart (Phil Version) by Phil Collins – My sister M always sang this song to a rat she used to have, so to her it’s her song of that rat. But to me it’s my song of M.
Tarzan Boy by Baltimora – They used to play this song at dances when I was a youngish teenager. Plus, when I finally got hold of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III soundtrack after years of searching for it, this song was on there. Nostalgia and triumph. I win.
Affirmation by Savage Garden – I wrote the most awesome QfGlorification ever to this song once.
Loch Lomond by the Real McKenzies – Kyarorin gived me this song, and it kicks so much ass I almost die.
Eyes on the Times by the Belltower – JEM. ‘Nuff said.

OK, that is enough messing around doing. Back to story. P.S. I got a sunburn yesterday.