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  1. AND THERE IT IS. I care SO MUCH about the people in this present-day relationship because they parallel Saito and Sano wonderfully and I can’t tell you how glad/relieved/satisfied I was when the one in turmoil said they weren’t leaving their boyfriend. *Wipes brow* Woosh. Thanks, Saisa. lol

    Echoing my comment from the last part, it makes me really happy to see Saito and Sano’s relationship helping another. Because damn, it’s real between them and for their love to inspire someone else to see and appreciate what they have, that’s really something special.

    I love how you wrote this fic! I didn’t find it gimmicky or annoying at all and if someone’s ever said that to you, they clearly don’t know what excellent story-telling is. Thank you so much for writing this. I really enjoyed it! <3333

    1. Yeah, the Saitou/Sano stuff in this story (the Meiji-era Saitou/Sano stuff, I mean, considering there is a possibility the two modern characters are reincarnations of same) is really secondary to the modern relationship. We can assume that in the Meiji era, Saitou and Sano figured their shit out and did what we love them to do; it was these modern guys that needed some help. Mostly they just needed to realize, “What we have is too good not to work for,” and get off their asses XD

      I’m very glad you didn’t find the gimmick annoying! I haven’t ever had anyone specifically say they don’t like it in this story, but I’ve seen lots of comments in general about how use of other languages in fiction like this is obnoxious and not good writing. I still stand by my decision, and I appreciate you standing with me :D

      Also I’m very glad you enjoyed the story! Thanks very much for reading, and for your lovely comments!

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