Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy.

I MEAN, yesterday was the best day ever. I finished that story and Mithtow Thtwaidow liked it (^____^), and mayhap some more people will read it when , uh, updates. Then after I posted that, I finished a peecture I was drawing. I decided a while back (and I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned it before) that I need to fanart up all the series I love and have neglected to fanartify. So now I haf drawed a Cowboy Bebop item. MOSTLE, YOU MUST LOOK AT IT. I am so pleased wis it. Though if anything could have made my pedophilic crush on Ed worse, that was it.

Also yesterday I cleaned my apartment up. It was the most amazing mess on account of my having neglected it last weekend when I was Mr. Blah. I forgot to vacuum the bathroom rug, and I’m waiting to see whether or not I get around to it today. But mostly my apartment is teh prettiful. I have a new candle wis a candle-plate-thing. I have not yet found a black vinyl tablecloth, and have not been to Wal-Mart since I realized I could use a shower curtain instead. I need to go to Wal-Mart anyway, as I am getting horribly sick of not having a trash can.

TODAY I have drawn GEF, played wis Tokio a lot, watched the last few episodes of Firefly and then the movie, fixed up all my art pages, and eaten some delicious scrambled egg samiches wis cheese and mustard and two croissants wis raspberry jelly and butter. I am working on WaA now (or would be if I were not writing this lj entry), and after while maybe will vacuum a rug.

Whilst sneeping yesterday I dreamed many Bebop-cast-filled dreams (consequent on posting the aforementioned peecture just before bed) that were not really coherent enough to write down. There was a definite Spike/Faye theme to them, but I think that’s because I was Faye a lot of the time. I have no particular objections to Spike/Faye; it just doesn’t grip me.

As usual, during the course of typing out the first few things I had to say, I have forgotten the last few. I should make outlines for my lj posts. Back to WaA now.