Dude. All the lj-user-tiny-people-icon-thingies have visors now. It’s weirding me out.

So apparently this week a lot of people’s schedules got messed up. The computer randomly decided to schedule people eight hours away from their actual shifts and other such things. Horrendous mess-ups. And what happened wis mine? I got an extra day off XD XD XD Of course I can’t afford to take lots of extra days off, but every now and then if the computer wants to screw up and give me one, I won’t complain. Ngyee hee. So I don’t work tomorrow.

I went to the store on my way home to get something to put into my toilet to make it flush better. And on the way back from the store, I was walking along GotG road, and I must have passed twelve restaurants, including TWO SUBWAYS, and I did not stop at a single one of them. Worship teh self-control. Actually, don’t; I spent $30 on ebay yesterday.

Anyway, now I am home and I can stay up late if I want, and I’ma work on WaA and Yae stuff and maybe draw something. Ooh, and eat something! Like hot dogs or ramen. Yay me! That means I am done wis this postie now.

EDIT: Oh, I get it now. It’s that talking like a pirate or whatever day. They’re not visors, they’re eye-patches. Duhh. Okiday, bye-bee.