OK, I’ma post and try to include all the stuff I’ve forgotten to post about and have written myself notes about and stuff over the last while. Here goes.

Sometimes Tokio is groggy in her chair.

Today was the most awesome work day I have ever worked, I think. For some reason our automated system was telling anyone who tried to reach a live operator that we were unable to answer their call and they needed to call back. So the only calls we took were the ones that get automatically routed to us past the answering system. I think I took one call per hour for the first five hours of my shift. It was so cool.

Now, normally this would be a time to be terribly productive, but ever since after I finished that picture yesterday I have not been productive at all. Instead, I spent those hours chattering the ear off this one guy who sometimes sits next to me. His name is Gregory, and he has this habit of encouraging me to keep talking, and being all interested in what I’m saying. It’s a little disconcerting, but at the same time pretty damn awesome.

See, I’m a terrible chatterbox; I always have been. And I’ve gotten used to people in general having no desire whatsoever to listen to me go on and on and on about things that are all-absorbing to me but not of the slightest interest to them. So some people get the illusion that I am a very quiet person, because, assuming they’re not interested, I just don’t talk to them at all except as required. But when somebody indicates interest, I get going and don’t stop. It’s terrible, and in the back of my mind is always this little voice going, Why is he still listening? Why is he asking questions like he wants me to go on? When is he going to tell me to shut up? I have a sort of complex, really, even a lot of the time about my friends, where I assume they’re humoring/putting up with me rather than really enjoying what I have to say, and that eventually I’ll talk them to the breaking point and they’ll snap and tell me to shut the hell up. So there’s your peek into my insecurities for the day.

Then she gets less groggy because I am moving around and probably singing a stupid song at her.

Then she’s like, “Why are you taking pictures of me again.”

Lessee what-all I’ve neglected to record of the stuff I’ve jotted down at work these last two months. K, first, people are always coming up wis different things to call the hourglass that appears on the phone as it’s turning on. My favorite was “sand jar,” which (you may recall) I dwelt on for a while and adopted as another name for myself. Sand Jar. Recently someone called it a “time capsule.” Somebody the other day called it “a, you know, one of those things like when you cooking an egg and you want to know how long until it done?” I was like squee.

Next. I got a call from a guy who’s name was Nguyen who pronounced all his z‘s as y‘s. So he kept saying “yero” and it was freaking adorable. It was like my cousin only different letters. Third, I took a call from someone named Ulyana Dubej. Fourth, an angry customer recently demanded of a coworker of mine, “I want to speak to your owner.”

It was raining on my way to work today, and quite cold. I really need a scarf; my ears and nose and mouth are starting to dislike the walk. The rest of me is fine, though. I have plenty of fats to cover it and keep me warm. I looked it up yesterday and found out that I am technically obese. I suppose I should exercise or something. Oh, that reminds me that I have a leftover cheeseburger in the fridge *___*

Speaking cheeseburgers, I spent money yesterday. I had to go to the store to get some necessary items like chaype sticc and lotion (and some vanilla incense, which is not necessary but was so there), and on the way was a Wendy’s and I decided to have me a bacon-cheeseburger lunch. It was made of love. It was bad of me to spend teh monies, but I did it. Bad faery.

She loves to attack headphones. Eventually I had to just give those ones to her.

OMG she’s so freaking cute.

I’m really rambling in this post, am I not? Get the feeling I’m just trying to fill space so I can get all the pictures up wis lots of text next to them and it’ll look better? Well, if you have that feeling, you might have a very accurate sixth sense. Or faery sense. Speaking of faeries, today they played Mission to Mars at work. I have never seen this movie, and I kept looking up at random moments and having no idea what was going on. I mentioned this to Gregory, and he told me I should fill in the blanks. So I came up wis what seemed a feasible explanation for what was going on about Mars faeries and their ancient music that held the clues to the Power of Mars that the astronauts were after. I updated him on the story from then on every time I looked up. He was amused.

Lexie works wis me now, and because of that I will eventually get $50; this is a good thing on me. Today she bought me lunch from Carl’s Jr., and I brazenly ate (most of) it at my desk while I was in ready-for-call status. And talked myself hoarse at Greg. I seriously talked more today than I usually do on normal days taking calls. I told him all about Paradise. Oh, Paradise. How I want to play.

So here’s a conversation I have wis customers on an hourly basis most regular work-days:

“OK, next I’m going to need the ESN off the back of your phone from underneath the battery.”

“I don’t see a number on the back.”

Sometimes she is a Slug of Love.

One day (you can tell it was a Sunday because there is in-progress GEF on the monitor there), she curled up on the table next to the computer and went to sneep.

“Underneath the battery.”

“Oh, OK, let me get the back off. OK, I’m looking at the battery, but I don’t see any numbers.”

“On the back of the phone underneath the battery.”

“You mean I have to take the battery out?”


“OK, gimme a second. OK, which number is it?”

“The one underneath the first barcode.”

“There are three barcodes.”

“The number underneath the first one.”

“OK, zero-one-zero-zero—”

“Are you looking at the back of the phone?”

“Under the barcode, right?”

“Yeah, on the back of the phone.”

“That’s the only number: zero-one-zero-zero—”

“The back of the phone, not the battery.”

“Oh, I thought you meant… oh, I was looking at the battery.”

“Yes, I noticed.”

She also likes to sneep behind Usui (my MP3 player) on my dresser thing.

Closer view of teh above.

“OK, there’s a bunch of numbers here; which one is it?”

“The one under the first barcode.”

“There are three barcodes.”

“But I’d hazard a guess there’s only one first barcode.”

“Oh, OK. Oh, wow, that number’s small; I can’t possibly read that.”

“I will need that number to get the phone activated.”

“Oh, OK, hang on. John, come here and see if you can read this number? Yeah, this one here. What? No, no, the lady said… Ma’am? You wanted the number off the back of the phone, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Not the one off the battery? Because I can read that one.”

“No, not that one. I promise.”

WaA is being, predictably, uncooperative. I’ve got a couple pages of the chapter done, and I know exactly what needs to happen in the rest of it, but it doesn’t seem to want to let me dew it. Meeeeeaaaaaan story. At the same time, a chibi-Yae story that I think will be called The Best Place He’d Ever Been is progressing. I want to draw Yae, like, twelve million more times. But I need to draw Aves and Marean first. And Alain again better. At least I’ve gotten the Cai/Kaz item crossed off my list.

Aren’t these sticker rolls cute?

These clearish plastic O’s are too.

Speaking of drawing, I’ve started my big fanart project wis that Bebop item I drawed the other day. I can’t decide whether or not I’m going to draw for the live-action series I like, because I’m not sure it would end up looking anything like the actual actors and actresses… The 10th Kingdom, Firefly, and Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, therefore, may remain neglected. Other series I need to do fanart for in my tablet style are Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Disney’s Gargoyles, Generation X, GetBackers, Gundam Wing, Harry Potter, Jem at the Holograms, King’s Quest, Mahousenshi Louie, all the Miyazaki movies (or maybe just select Miyazaki movies; I haven’t decided), Saiyuki, Samurai Champloo, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Spider-Man, Tenkuu no Escaflowne, Tomb Raider, Trigun, Weiss Kreuz, and X.

I’m not tackling these in any particular order… OK, well, I kinda am, considering I’m re-watching all my DVD’s in alphabetical order… but it’s really more the order I get ideas in. I do have ideas for a few of them so far, but if anyone has any specific ideas of fanart I should draw for any of these, let me know? Oh, I kinda feel like drawing Pyramid Head too. So much drawing for me. In addition to that, I’ve already got a list of stuff I want to draw, including all the characters from Crimson Coronation, all the characters from Linc’s fic Paradise, and, seriously, like, all the characters from the entire QfG series.

Oh, oh, I remember one thing I’ve been meaning to mention for a while and continually forgetting! Do you know how liberating it is to do absolutely nothing to your hair?? I’m washing it on Saturdays, and it’s coming along nicely. It doesn’t tangle very well nearer my scalp, though; I wonder how long it will take. OK, Tokio just totally slid across the kitchen floor and flipped over right into the trash bag. Why is she so cute. I am wearing overalls today, BTW. And no shirt at the moment.

OMG, I forgot about this muffin until I found the picture just now. It looks soOo good. I want another one.

When I moved, I found lots of movie tickets. I put them together and took a picture, then threw them away. Then I found more. But this is most of them.

OK, I think I’m about done wis this entry. I think I hit everything I wanted to talk about, but I can never be sure. Oh, well, whaaaatevah. Methinks I need to draw now, after all that talking about it.