I pretty well wasted the day yesterday, as far as productivity is concerned. I spent many hours playing Puzzle Pirates and watching Gargoyles, mooched some food off my parents, and… yeah. I did finish drawing Aves, though, and got the sides of my head shaved, so that’s good. Also I FINALLY FOUND A FREAKING BLACK TABLECLOTH. Therefore I win.

Today has been better. I drawed GEF and cleaned everything in the world and did my laundry and set up all my boys (and a few girls) on my new tablecloth. I finished wis Gargoyles, so next, of course, is GayBackers… this time I may really have to finish the fic I started last time, considering while I was cleaning and having the show on, every time I’d look over at the screen it’d be, like, Akabanegasm. But at the moment I am working on a chibi-Yae fic that I think will be finished before bedtime today. Yay me!

I eated hot dogs for dinner and they were delicious, and now I am kinda drowsy. Not so much that I won’t finish this story, though. I should also take peectures of my table at some point. Aoshi is still refusing to stand up straight, and Enishi fell over after a few minutes, but on the whole it looks a million better. Now back to work.