OK, so it’s only long-anticipated because it took me for-freaking ever to find a black tablecloth. Whatevah. Somehow in the process of getting set up, it got crooked. The pictures don’t show this very well, which I suppose is a good thing. I see it every time I look over. Here we go.

The table looks like a cupcake or something weird. Like a vehicle of destruction or something. I dunno.

Tokio likes to curl up under it. And sometimes attack it randomly.

She has already clawed it up. Good thing I bought freaking FIVE. Aoshi still refuses to stand up; Enishi will for a few minutes; Kenji was always hopeless; bigger Saitou and Sano are fine until Tokio bumps the table.

So today at work was much like last Thursday: beautifully dead. I spent some of it writing, and a lot of it talking to Gregory again. I told him all about PotM, TPoI, and the as-yet-hypothetical APoE. Also Lexie gived me a cinnamon roll *____* The reason I was telling him about those particular stories, BTW, is that WaA is being kinda bitchy and I have kinda moved on to TPoI. I haven’t totally given up on hitting WaA in this run, but TPoI was being much more fun.

Now I’ma work on stuff bye.

P.S. M just linked me this… Freaking watch it.