Only one more hour until it is WEEKEND. I bet I will play Puzzle Pirates all day again, though. Why do I want to go away from here no~o~ow. Why is Grease retarded. I will leave as early as I am allowed. And what will I eat when I get home? I need to get to the million-away post office. Blaaaaaaaaaaaah. I dreamed the other night that I went pillaging wis the crew of Serenity. It was a mixy timeline, because there was crazy River pilot and not-dead Wash. Also drama. And swordfighting. Last night I dreamed that Saitou was tutoring my brother in some school subject, so I was hanging around that house being crushful. There was cake that I was about to eat, but then my alarm went off. But before that P was not feeling well and didn’t want to drive me to the post office, a large tree wis metal parts fell apart alarmingly, and someone who was almost Lady Caroline Dester said I was pretty. I am going to drag this break out as long as I can. YEAH.