Funny stuff customers said this day.

First off was a woman who, when she got mad, demanded, “Can I talk to a boss?” I wanted to reply, “Yeth, but only after you talk to all the smaller enemies in the level and two mini-bosses.”

Second, a guy who was calling regarding the account of his late father. I asked if he still had the phone and he started laughing. “Well, you see,” he said, “he was always, always bitching about the thing and how much he hated it, how it was too small and the buttons were too close together, how he never used it and had no use for it. But he used it all the time, every day. Actually, as a joke, we ended up burying it with him.” I was pleased.

Last was a woman who was calling about an unknown charge on her daughter’s account. When I explained that it was a downloading-related charge that the mother didn’t know the daughter had incurred, she said in a fondly annoyed tone, “Oooh, I’m going to……. squeeze her forehead.” It was so cute and amusing.