Now that I have drawn Saitou naked and Saitou clothed, it is time for me to eat some food. I am the winner of everything, BTW. Particularly naked Saitou.

So in my dream my family was eating at Chuck E. Cheese’s. We seemed to be on vacation, too, because we had lots of stuff there wis us like suitcases, and I had Tokio wis me. Only she was a snake instead of a cat. Then we heard the news that the evil emperor was marching his army this direction, and was going to be coming through the restaurant. I hated the evil emperor so much that I urged my family to pack up and get going right away so we wouldn’t have to see him. They were sluggish, though, and I was getting frantic. Tokio was a small and cute snakie, and I was holding onto her worriedly, afraid she would wish to escape from me and get hurt or lost. This CEC was in a mall, BTW, so when we finally got going (and we could see the evil emperor and his army coming down the stairs by then), we had to go all the way through the mall to get to the far parking lot where our car was. But the evil emperor was not going the same direction we were, so I relaxed once we were out of the restaurant.