I just finished a nice walk home through Silent Hill. I wish I’d had my camera wis me on the way home so I could have taken pictures of the roads and stuff, but I didn’t and I didn’t feel like setting out again once I was home… so here is a peecture from my balcony. It’s pretty awesome. I don’t remember when I’ve seen it this foggy here. At about 7 in the morning, I glanced up at the window at work, then did a double-take, because it was still as dark out there as if the sun hadn’t risen. It was awesome.

So good jobon me to finish ASZz 15. Mithtow Thtwaidow even read it! Now I am working on WaA again; I swear I will finish this chapter, for real, before I post anything else. Seriously. Also I need to draw some fanarts for some other stuff. La la la. So at work I worked on WaA until it got a little busier… OK, it wasn’t all that busy, it was more that I didn’t feel like working on it mas. So then I worked on a random gargoyle I’ve been drawing. She’s pretty cool-looking, but scribbly.

Here is another view from my balcony. As I look out there now, I find it is still not clearing up. Freaking awesome.

Anyway, speaking of work, OMG. Yeth, my friends, OMG. They have finally, finally restocked the cabinet where we buy stuff wis our Virgin Bucks. I just about died when I saw it, especially after all the rumors flying around that they weren’t ever going to restock it again since Virgin Mobile might be pulling out of our call center. So I grabbed a form and filled out a request for the phone I want in the first five minutes I was there. Dunno when I’ll get it; probably next week sometime. Oh, so much desperate excitement on meeeeeeeeeeee.

Also speaking of work, there are bats hanging from the ceiling at work that are the cutest bats ever made. I need to take peectures of them too. Actually, I think I might just steal one. They are so freaking cute. And that reminds me… Gregory said he’ll be starting Puzzle Pirates today. I am reminded because we had a long text message conversation about Puzzle Pirates and pets and what if I could have a candy bat as a pet and what would it do and what would I call it? and so on.

Here, for the sake of contrast (and also because of teh ass-kickage), is one I took from the balcony a couple of weeks ago at dawn. It was an unusually beautiful sunrise, and this picture doesn’t do justice to the quality of the light… I was drawn back to the doors again and again, and couldn’t quite figure out what made it so pretty.

So my Virginity finally came in the mail yesterday. I ordered it, like, a freaking month ago. Also my Mother and my Body. So now I have four KIX-S albums. Squee.

Oh, I’m hungry. Methinks I will have eggies wis cheeses to eat today.

So the other day I sawed off the platforms of my long boots to make them more practical for walking to and from work in. They were originally 5.5″ at the heel, and though I was rather skilled at maneuvering in them, I figure two miles a day is going to have me stumbling more than I’d like no matter how awesome I am. The problem I’m encountering now is that my back sucks so bad I may never want to wear them anyway, because they’re still heels. If I find this is the case, I’ll cut them entirely apart and just use the legs as leg warmers.

As is the grand and glorious tradition of my entries, I’ve forgotten half of what I wanted to talk about now that I’m halfway through, making me essentially finished. But I will ramble on for a bit in the hopes of remembering some or more of it. What is more than some if not all? Most, I guess. Anyway, the other day I was trying to make an entry from work, and I started typing it out a record fourteen times and got interrupted every single time. My stupid cell phone discards whatever I’m working on if I get a text message. I yuff the text messages, but I sure as hell hate my phone software. But once I get my Slider Sonic, I won’t have to worry about that anymore. DA HA HA HA HA.

Here is the obligatory picture-of-Tokio-that-I-pulled-off-the-camera-at-the-same-time-as-the-pictures-that-are-relevant-to-this-post picture. I take far too many pictures of her sneeping there next to that box. Speaking of that box, this weekend I really must move the stuff under my table and vacuum before it drives me up the freaking wall.

My apartment’s a mess in general. Some weeks I’m really good about keeping things clean as I exist, and some weeks I just throw shit everywhere (because that’s what monkeys do) thinking, I’ll wait until cleaning day to deal wis that.

Mas catcat.

Nope, I’ve definitely forgotten what else I wanted to talk about. Plus I’m hungry, so I think I will stop wis this entry and find some foods for teh meh.