So the people at voted me most like Kenshin, of all the RK characters. Fiddychan and I, discussing this, came to the conclusion that Chou would really have been a better choice to match me, and this, I believe, inspired yet another Chou-is-my-boyfriend dream. I think I have had more dreams about Chou than any other fictional or even semi-fictional guy. Does that make sense? Well, whatever. (P.S. could use more voters. It’s very fangirly, but kinda fun.)

It was another high school dream, but not only was I enrolled needlessly in high school (and by “needlessly” I mean {I think} I’d already graduated and was just going back for… fun?), I was also a security guard at the school. I was hanging around wis Chou and it was about time for me to go start my patrol of the lake. Yeth, we had a lake. For some reason I was doing hygienic/cosmetic stuff in this lounge-like room that had a fireplace while Chou and I flirted. I dunno… shaving one’s legs in front of a guy is pretty flirtatious, isn’t it? O_o Once I was a tolerable level of finished wis this endeavor, I headed out for my patrol… but the lake was super boring and I wanted to take a nap. So I went back into the lounge and curled up in front of the fire, and Chou came over and sat wis me. I think I was so tired in this dream because I got home really late yesterday, couldn’t sleep for a while, then slept really badly when I did. Anyway, after I woke up from this nap, I found the boss-lady of all the security guards there rather upset that I had deserted my post. She said she was going to be suggesting corrective action to my immediate superior. This supervisor was a temp ES from my current work whose name is actually Nicole but in the dream was named Bonnie (which was the name of a manager at McDonald’s a long time ago who, now that I think about it, kinda looked like Nicole). Chou was typically irrationally angry at this boss-lady because she was getting me in trouble, but I was so unconcerned that I’d gone back to shaving my legs -__-;;;;;;;;; So that was a… strange dream.
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