Time for an entry. We’ll see if it works better than yesterday’s. Today I am stupid tired, but I fear there is no avoiding a trip to the store after work. This past weekend, whilst I was busily wasting money on anything and everything, I forgot a couple of important items that by now I rather cannot do without. So there we go. I wish my card for my phone had come… not that I was expecting it any earlier than today… Well, I will listen to my four songs over and over all the way to the store and home.

There are cobwebs all over the place here. I kinda like them. I think cobwebs should be used in decorating more often. Not wis real spiders, though. MITHTOW THPAIDOW. I go on break in four minutes. I have not worked on anything today because of le tired and stupid. I bet when I get home I will play Puzzle Pirates all day.

OK, no mas.