So I mentioned that last week I found the Cutest Dress Ever… well, my mom took me out to lunch the other day and at one point asked what I want for Christmas. I replied immediately that I want the dress I saw at Dillard’s. This seemed to make her happy… she used to get or make me and my sisters dresses for Christmas every year, but eventually had to stop because people getting older = impossible to get them surprise clothing. So we were going to go to Dillard’s and see if we could find it in my size, but mom had a haircut approaching and so we couldn’t. But we went yesterday instead; we had to go to the Citadel to get the right size, but we found it, and I shall have it for Christmas ^___^

Today I have finished my AAX peecture for this month; next I dunno what I will do. Maybe clean and laundry. Maybe something else productive. Maybe Puzzle Pirates. Who knows? But this entry is done because it is boring now.