Brief bitching (one of the usual subjects)

K, since I’ve started putting things up on fanfiction.shit again, I’ve gotten several reviews to the purpose of “OMG, I’m so glad you’re back!!!” What I want to know is, do these people mean, “I’m glad you’re posting stuff on ff.n again,” or were they really under the impression that I haven’t been writing for the last three years? If the former, why? If the latter, no wonder the number of reviews I get dropped 90% after I left crapland -___-

4 thoughts on “Brief bitching (one of the usual subjects)

  1. God, who knows. just breeds stupidity 90% of the time. This is the third time I’ve left (or second, since the first was only a couple of monts) and I doubt I’ll come back. *shakes head* Good luck with there again.

    1. I only started posting stuff there again because I am an abject review whore and that half of me feels positively ignored these days. I’m only putting stuff up that’s finished and doesn’t need editing to meet their pansy-ass standards… so it’s not like I desperately need to be there. We’ll see if I get any/enough reviews to make it worth it :D I may just rip everything down again.

      1. Yeah, I had mixed views. I’m admittedly a review whore, but I got quite sick of not getting “reviews” but “comments” and those “comments” usually consisting of the same few words. And then there are just the idiots. I should’ve kept anon reviews off to keep people from leaving their rants without contact info. I think I fussed about that in my LJ at some point.

        And I started revamping some of my RK fics and gave up. I’ve only got partially written chapters and I actually haven’t touched [writing] fanfiction since spring. I’ve even quit fandom RPs pretty much. nargh.

        Good luck with the reviews!

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