Sick and food and I dunno

I do not feel at all well today… by which I mean I do not feel at all good today… yesterday’s sore throat has become worse, and my voice is rather weak. This is both annoying and painful when talking on the phone all day. I also have teh headache and some odd muscle soreness, and my entire body still can’t decide whether it wants to be too hot or too cold. So ngyaa on that. Despite this, my shift has gone by very quickly today. Good jobon. Jobonjobonjobon. And when I get home I will finish the peecture I started yesterday and… probably start a new one. This week is a week of drawing. A week of drawing CC characters. And I wrote some of one scene today.

Oh, I will eat some soup. That is an idea exciting. Or maybe some eggies wis cheeses and bits of hot dog. That is also exciting… though what I really want IS CHIPOTLE. Yeth. Once I got checked out at Chipotle; I just remembered that. No mas, Destruction James.

4 thoughts on “Sick and food and I dunno

  1. I also want Chipotle. Too bad Utah isn’t cool enough to have any.

    I have had teh sore throat too! But that is a lot from a sudden exponential increase of teh talking.

    1. Since I’m certain not to get Chipotle because of lack of transportation, you and I can be wishing-for-Chipotle buddies.

      Whyfore so much more talking? Just because of classes?

      1. B’cause suddenly I have friends. It literally happened overnight ^^…. Vanessa wanted to borrow some black pants 9ish… we talked until 7.

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