^ The view from my balcony

^ The balcony itself

I just took these just now the moment I got home… it shows no signs of stopping… when it does, I shall take more as a sort of progress report. Right now it’s up to a good six inches.

There’s all sorts of extreme weather warnings floating about… urging people to stay inside and not go anywhere. Gregory drove me home; he’d better text me when he gets home so I don’t worry. I don’t envy him Austin Bluffs. I hope school was canceled.

27 thoughts on “SNOMG

      1. ^____________________________________________________________^
        On the way home just now one of the girl duckes was standing on one leg on a rock in a ball with her beak under her wing. It was the CUTEST DUCK EVER. Especially b’cause she was a ball on one leg.

      1. ahh yes, troublesome. Michigan drivers are bad enough without adding snow to the mixture. >_< but i'm sure you get a million time more snow than we do here. it's so sporadic here sometimes. sometimes it snows in earnest in October and sometimes it waits until after Thanksgiving all thanks to the wonderful thing called Lake Effect. :P

  1. Uwaaaah! So jealous!! You get to stay home with your kitty and be snowy!! Mmmmmm… *whimpers*

    And there are damned birds singing outside my window… -.-‘

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