Called in again today, and I’m glad I did. After sleeping for a long time, I woke up to find my sore throat a lot worse. Walking through the snow couldn’t have improved it, nor could talking all day. My cat seems to be kinda weirded out that I’m not talking at her; I usually make stupid noises and sing stupid songs and say stupid things to her every time I see her.

EDIT: Now I’ve taken a long bath, and feel just as awful as before. I wish I had a million carbonated drinks. Barq’s root beer. Yeth.

One thought on “Ugh!

  1. Note: I have an exciting Job Opportunity for you.

    I talked to BJ and he’s working for Carnival Cruises now in their call center. Starting pay is $10.25, but if you get 100% on all of the application tests, then you get an extra $.50 to start. The incentives are that you get 2 free cruises every year and there are pay bonuses out the wazoo. They are hurting for employees too. Go to Carnival Cruise’s website (oh, go google it) and click on fun jobs and search Colorado Springs.


    Oh, and feel better.

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