GW thoughts briefly revisited and other ramblings whilst lj is down

Rewatching Gundam Wing, I am feeling a great rush of love for it. With such love inevitably comes more specific fangirling, and I find that, though Zechs and Noin are still my favorite characters and my favorite pairing, I’m developing a great squee for the idea of Duo/Quatre (who are, incidentally, my next favorite characters). I still love almost all the women in this show, and Relena kicks ass. That is so bizarre. Characters I disliked intensely last time (Hilde, Wu Fei) are less annoying to me this time around. Though I am still making fun of them, eventually I will probably feel for them the same tolerant, relatively indifferent disdain I feel for Kaoru.

I just spent, like, two freaking hours washing dishes. It took so long because 1) I have let them pile up (didn’t feel like washing them when I was sick) so there were half a million and 2) I suddenly realized I have no sponge!!!! I had to scrub them wis my fingers. In gloves, of course. It kinda sucked, but they are all clean now. Therefore I win.

Some people I talked to recently at work: Ann Elliot, Gary Yanna, and somebody whose email address was “Swim Easy.”

Ah, now my apartment is all delightfully clean. I win twice. I am very thirsty and hungry, but to make foods or drink waters would dirty up the dishes I just washed, so I’ma hold off for now. I just bruised my fingers on my ceiling fan. I wish I had a sponge; the ceiling fan needs washing too, and no way am I doing it wis my hands or paper towels.

Well, it looks like lj is back up, so I suppose I will post this.

No, I was wrong. I’ll keep adding to it, then, and post it later.

Now I am working on TPoI. Good jobon TPoI. It is like magic. Oh, wait, it is magic. Good jobon me, therefore.

So I’m typing this entry out in gmail as I await lj to reappear, and the ads that have appeared all around the email box are amusing. Of course there are some Gundam Wing ads (even one that says “Learn more about Heero X Duo”), but there’s also some other strange stuff. “Pet Urine Remover Recipe;” lots of stuff about CSS styles and shit (because of my paragraph indent code); something about a fanfiction contest for teenagers (which I’m, uh, not); and, best of all, an ad for — “Shower Fresh Personal Hygiene Buy Factory Direct. See Demo Now!” This must be an awesome entry.

Tokio is on the stove attacking the burners. I asked her why, but she didn’t even look at me, so I am at a loss. I love her twelve million and I will play wis her. Yay! Now I have played wis her.

I suppose I should tell about my dreams… but that requires so much description… and I am so lazy… I have skipped several over the last while… The one about Saitou surfing particularly deserves to be noted. But mayhap another time.

Well. Linear completion on this chapter and lj is still down. Posting a chapter wisout lj = absolutely no responses to said chapter. It’s like magic. A magical void. The magic of suck. But hopefully by the time I’ve finished editing, lj will be back up. We’ll see.

K, it seems to be back. I will post this entry and then finish up teh chapter.

8 thoughts on “GW thoughts briefly revisited and other ramblings whilst lj is down

  1. Ouf. Mamle. Why does she attack the burners. I hope she never does when they’re on.

    I did dishes yesterday too ^______^ But not the black bowl or the little pan. B’cause… I forgot them in the room. And then I dinnint want to start another dish-washing.

    1. Methinks she is too smart to attack hot items. And I have no clue why she spends so much time attacking random objects, but I don’t object.

      Yeah, one does all of one’s dishes at once, and if anything gets left out it waits until next time. That is the rule of dishes.

  2. It always cracks me up the difference in our preferences in characters for GW. I adore Wufei, and I’m very eh about all the women except Une. I should really watch it again because I totally want to cosplay Millardo in his Barge outfit.

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