I feel like I haven’t existed for a while now. Overtime leaves me little time between work and sleep, and if I happen to go out to lunch wis my mom or shopping or something, I don’t even get online… but when I saw my paycheck yesterday I almost cried, so the overtime is not going to stop just yet. I will get all the monies!!!

Tokio is sitting on my lap. She rarely does this anymore, so I am hyeppe that she is doing so.

Oh! M comes home to visit on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I dreamed that some incoherent stuff happened, and then I was in a house/boxcar/castle wis my two allies who were BSSM-esque girls… then chaos ensued outside… I watched through a hole in the wall as lots of stuff exploded and things crashed and a train came racing down the tracks and then FLEW off the tracks and wriggled through the air like a snake and barely missed the building we were in… then the evil magic woman who was responsible for the chaos appeared and started gloating. Evidently she didn’t know that I kick ass in most of my dreams… I got tired of her and bored of the scenario, so I fixed everything, killed her, and, to celebrate, conjured up lovers for my two allies and Chou for myself. Then we all had sex.

I am working on a Top Secret Project to celebrate the fifth anniversary of my site (and therefore essentially the fifth anniversary of my RKWriting/SaitouSanoNess), and it is coming along nicely. It will be awesome if I manage to get it completed.

Yesterday I bought twenty-four liters of root beer. I win.

Today I am going to do laundry, maybe clean, eat hot dogs (*__*), draw, write, and generally be weekendly. La la la.