Yesterday I got my apartment all clean and my laundry all clean, and it was awesome. I finished Gundam Wing, and moved on through the alphabet to Hans Christian Andersen and the first Harry Potter movie. Leedle.

This week at work, instead of doing an extra hour every weekday and four extra hours on Saturday, I’m doing two extra hours every weekday. This cuts my free time down to almost nothing during the week, and Thanksgiving’s going to be interesting, but it leaves Saturday free so’s I can DEW ITEM. Because Mostle appears tomorrow!!!!!!!! YaAAAaaAaaaaaaa. She will be here all the rest of the week ^___^

Today at work we were super slow. For this time of year, anyway. I got soOoOo much work done on my Top Secret Project. It was freaking awesome!! Yay me. I may even be able to expand the goal.

Also today I got a postcard wis the funniest squirrel ever on it. <3 <3 <3

Now time to work on stuff.