Cat’s new random victim is the dishes in the sink. Not quite as strange as an indentation in the carpet, but still rather odd, methinks.

Today at work I overheard the following:

“All right, can I get your ten-digit phone number starting with the area code? I’m sorry, that was 537-474– what was the rest? So your number’s 474-5320? Or 474-5308? 537-474-53208? No, ma’am, that’s too long. I need your phone number. 537-474-53– no, ma’am, that can’t be your number; that’s too long. No, I can’t leave off the area code to make it shorter. No, ma’am. No, ma’am, your number can’t be 537-474-53208. Because it’s too long. That’s eleven digits; your phone number is only going to be ten digits. That’s correct. No, I need the area code. That can’t be your phone number, ma’am. No, it’s not. No, I guarantee it’s not. There are no eleven-digit phone numbers. Ma’am, I challenge you to find any phone number in the U.S. that’s eleven digits long. You want to what? Talk to a supervisor? Oh, OK. Do you mind holding for a second?”

By this time everyone in the immediate vicinity is laughing so hard. It was freaking hilarious.