A highly important philosophical post before I go to work

I’m already going to be late, so I might as well take a moment to enlighten the world.

“Part of this complete breakfast” is, like, the most retarded phrase ever made. Aside from the fact that if you’re already eating an entire worldful of fruit, two pieces of toast, a glass of milk and a glass of orange juice, you don’t need any freaking cereal, it’s like saying, “A Rurouni Kenshin shirt is part of this complete outfit!” Of course it is, dumbass. Because you put it there. “‘Yw07m3’ is part of this complete nonsense word! (fj2n6h4yw07m3kjhdjs)” “The color red is part of this complete drawing!” “An Altoids box full of salt is part of this complete clutter on my table!” Gah. OK, I’m leaving now.

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