Oh, hallo, the journal. It is Friday, and boy do I wish I’d requested this day off a month earlier than I did so I would actually have gotten it. Yesterday we started eating Teh Meal an hour after my bedtime. Combine that wis the usual insomnia, and you have a very tired faery today. And it is Black Friday.

But that’s OK. I am still a happy person. Whilst at my parents’ house, I can scan what I’ve drawn on paper lately and print some stuff I’ve wanted to print. Good jobon that on me. I brought Tokio over wis me, of course, and she was nervous at first… but then she remembered her old home (and the mice in the kitchen), and became happy again.

We’re watching DOOM again… why is item so retarded.

I am actually drinking Mountain Dew, of which I am not fond, for teh caffeines. The Coke machine is broken and I am soOoOoOo tired. The End.