So there are four little open boxes with some dots inside themm. Underneath it says “Y M C K,” which I assume is different from YMCA. There is a little light on above the “K” box. I believe this is the reason I can’t print anything else. I printed one, but now it won’t print anything more for me. It is stupid and terrible.

I was going to be watching stuff wis Mostle at this point, but instead she is asleep. We were going to watch House, but could not get the files to work on our mother’s computer. I did watch some episodes of Trigun wis L, and then he went to sleep. Now Tokio and I are the only ones left awake around here, and I have none of my stories to work on. Plus I’m tired because I got up all early to go see Happy Feet wis family, and my mom didn’t even end up going. Mou.

Let’s try this printing thing again. Nope, still not working. IT PRINTED JUST FINE A FEW MINUTES AGO. Oh, I hate printers so much.

Now my darling cat is on my lap and it’s hard to type over her. She is warm and adorable, though. Next thing I draw really needs to be AAX. (Now cat has vacated) Hell, I could work on it right now if I were at home. I’m half-tempted to go home for a few hours, be productive, and then come back. Actually, I’ll probably just take a nap. After I waste time online for a while.

K, no mas entry.