I think I hate the sound of pouring/sloshing water more than anything in the whole world.

It annoys me that Horohoro has no image songs.

So I was feeling too lazy to make an entry, but then as I started typing out some stuff I wrote at work, I saw the notes I left for myself on what customers had said, and I had to write. Today I got a prank caller who asked, “Do you ever take your clothes off?” I had the hardest time keeping a straight face as I replied, “No, never; I never have.” Also, somebody called the hourglass “that little sugar thing.” And somebody speculated that they would need 59 top-up cards (which come in increments of $20, $30, and $50) to get the $59.99 plan.

Gregory has started watching SKU; today he was a little past halfway through the first season, and we had lively discussion.

I don’t know that there’s anything else I felt like saying, other than that I need to go on a diet. So I’ll head back to working on my Top Secret Project.

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  1. But he does have an image song… “Kurimuse.” Try putting that in Google, I guess? I’d give a link but I can’t remember where I found my copy, and I’m typing from someone else’s desktop right now so I can’t throw it up on the audio equivalent of photobucket or something. (I think it was a Spanish-language MSN group, if that helps any.)

    XD I only got one prank call in all my time at LaRosa’s’ call center, and it wasn’t nearly that funny. You’re making me miss my job….

      1. It is part of the Shaman Fight Of Vocal, so good luck finding it. Last I saw the lowest price for one of those singles was something like $60 US….

        You’re welcome!

          1. For Ueda Yuuji singing a song that’s reminiscent of Queen at their best, you really ought to!

            And I know how painful finding singles can be–it took me nigh on three years to find Redseb and Sati’s SFoV songs….

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