Something just feels silly about carrying my coat because I’m so damn hot through snow so deep it slows me down. By the time I got home there was sweat running around under my shirt.

My shift today flew by. Like WHOOSH. It was pretty awesome.

There is so much cool music in Dragon Fire that wasn’t on the official soundtrack. Why is that stupid. I am listening to QfG musics now because Hero, Hero is kindasorta the next item on the backwards update list. I drawed Klaus at work today. He was smiling evilly. Oh, I definitely must put Klaus and Wolf in AAX for peoples to draw *__* Speaking of drawing, I have to not tablet-draw for a couple of days because my hand and wrist hurt and I need to rest them T__T

The other day Fiddychan randomly gived me foods ^__^ Then we went to see The Fountain, which was FREAKING AWESOME.

Some stuff people have said at work: some bitchy old woman was like, “It really offends me to be asked if I want to speak in English. What is this, America or Mexico?” I was like >____O I really didn’t know how to answer politely. Then some funny guy suggested he should be allowed to pay for his phone service in food or beads. And today somebody referred to her sixty-day grace period as “sixty-day layover.” Did I mention the person who called the hourglass “that sugar thing?” Somebody else called it a “timepiece,” which is technically correct, I suppose.

OK, now I have forgotten everything else I was going to say in this entry.