Something just feels silly about carrying my coat because I’m so damn hot through snow so deep it slows me down. By the time I got home there was sweat running around under my shirt.

My shift today flew by. Like WHOOSH. It was pretty awesome.

There is so much cool music in Dragon Fire that wasn’t on the official soundtrack. Why is that stupid. I am listening to QfG musics now because Hero, Hero is kindasorta the next item on the backwards update list. I drawed Klaus at work today. He was smiling evilly. Oh, I definitely must put Klaus and Wolf in AAX for peoples to draw *__* Speaking of drawing, I have to not tablet-draw for a couple of days because my hand and wrist hurt and I need to rest them T__T

The other day Fiddychan randomly gived me foods ^__^ Then we went to see The Fountain, which was FREAKING AWESOME.

Some stuff people have said at work: some bitchy old woman was like, “It really offends me to be asked if I want to speak in English. What is this, America or Mexico?” I was like >____O I really didn’t know how to answer politely. Then some funny guy suggested he should be allowed to pay for his phone service in food or beads. And today somebody referred to her sixty-day grace period as “sixty-day layover.” Did I mention the person who called the hourglass “that sugar thing?” Somebody else called it a “timepiece,” which is technically correct, I suppose.

OK, now I have forgotten everything else I was going to say in this entry.

5 thoughts on “Eataballaclay

  1. Your country is insane in some ways. Florida is extra-insane. I had no idea that the mere suggestion of a completely generic and untargeted phone survey that offers the choice of English and Spanish would be so incredibly offensive to some people. And it would seem that they get angry about it even when they’re calling for help. That’s just great.

    1. I was quite at a loss. Which I think must have come across in what I finally did manage to say, because she apologized for it later in the call, saying that she didn’t mean to sound racist. I was like, “Well, you did. Too bad.” But not aloud. It was amazing.

  2. bwhee. John (brother) wishes to borrow Rurouni Kenshin. I chided him properly for calling it “something else,” and then explained that what he saw (the last two OVAs) were the devil and mostly entirely inaccurate. He tried to argue that the story was beautiful, Kenshin, dying in his arms of his love after his mystical sword killed him… and Kaoru wishing to take some of his pain died too, but I just scoffed and told him that the sword was not magical. Maybe one could stretch that his conscience was poisoned by all the killing he did, but DUDE. He was getting Better. Anyway…. He can be Taught! I promise. Can we borrow said items? Maybe after he finishes with Bleach so you will have items to watch as well.

    1. Part of it (incidentally the most interesting part) is lent out at the moment, but once I get that back y’all are welcome to borrow. Methinks Gregory is finished wis that, as he has moved on to SKU, so I shall request it back from him when I see him at work tomorrow.

      I need to get another copy of the last Kyoto arc DVD anyway… you remember, the one that skips and staggers through the final battle with Shishio? It behaves much better on my computer than on anyone’s DVD player, so I haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet.

      Sankyuu for educating that brother on the evils of Seisou Hen, which is non-canon bullshit that’s not even as good as some of the crappy angst/WAFF KxK fanfiction that isn’t beautifully animated and musically accompanied. I’m not sure what is this mystical sword to which he refers. Kenshin dies of syphilis, which is retarded; Kaoru is still alive at the end, though she has it too. Which is also retarded. Stupid OAV. How I hate it.

      It is very distracting for you to use the phrase “He can be Taught” (especially wis that capitalized T) in an RK discussion XD XD XD

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