OK. First. For the last couple of days I have been imagining the Dark One’s cult sitting around in that basement drinking from that cask and having that vision of Avoozl rising over and over and over and over like “Duuuuuude…” This image makes me laugh so hard. I may have to draw it.

I want to name one of my childs Avoozl.

I am still not drawing, though, because I am resting my drawing hand all week. It still hurts.

Next, it is super super cold out. I forgot to take my scarf today because P drived me to work so I didn’t need it on the way. I thought my nose was going to fall off on the way home!!!!!!! My skin is already falling off in squaoes.

Somebody the other day got annoyed because we say, “Thank you for calling Virgin Mobile.” Apparently because there is nobody else this person can call to have hir account maintenanced, it is superfluous for us to identify the company on calls? I’m not sure.

I had twelve more things to say, but they are all gone now.