I don’t have much to say, but I figured should make an entry one of these days anyway. I’ve mostly just been working on my Top Secret Project and making wrapping paper for my presents. I was so surprised to realize that Christmas is next week!!!

The other day I took my brother to see Eragon because he loves those books. During one conversation at some point he quite randomly said, “I wonder how much those people who support gay marriage paid He-Man to get little kids interested in being gay.” I was so amused.

Stuff from work… yeesh, I’ve got so much paper lying around from Top Secret Project work at work. Anyway, new names for the hourglass: “sand glass,” “capsule vase,” and “sun dial.” And some guy wis half a British accent suggested an entire bottle of rum for my cold.

K, I think I’m out.

Oh, yeah. Yesterday I started another GetBackers fic that I will probably never finish. Today I am trying to decide whether to have pizza and related items for dinner or be mas responsible and eat something from one of my cupboards.